You are what you think you are:

Do you know, you become what you think? Yes, you are the product of your own thinking. Whatever you think, you act like that and become that type of person.

Your thought becomes your action/behaviour, your action/behaviour decides the feeling inside you, and your  feeling generates a thought inside you.
And, your environment also matters to your thinking to be.

Let's understand this idea in some points:-

1. If positive; optimistic; and the people, who can see the growth of own and others; are in your environment; then, you also think and become that type of person.

And, if negative, pessimistic, and gossipers are in your environment, then you can't think in that way which is required for being successful.

So, always choose an environment in which you and your mind can grow.

2. Look at yourself like an important individual and don't sell yourself fast.
Your appearance does matter to look important. If you wear a well-maintained dress, then it increases confidence, and you st…


Overthinking (part-3)

In previous articles we discussed that how to come out from our problems? Today we will discuss about last 2 main reason of overthinking and this is last article on this topic.

 Let's start our 1st reason of overthinking is our imaginary problem,as we have discussed it in previous part ,but yeah you can say outcome that may be positive or negative and 2nd problem is other's opinion in our life. Let's take an example suppose that you want to try to do something bigger in your life and only 1 thought arise in your mind  i.e., what if I fail. If I end this in one line it would be "this is called life", but  we will discuss it in deeper for better understanding. If you think that you would fail in something which you want to do and that would be your end then may be  you don't know the real meaning of life and you haven't learnt anything from your life.

 If you will fail in something then people will come and will make jokes of you and t…


Overthinking (part-2)

In previous part,we discussed that stay away form negative people and also ignoring to implement other people's opinion toward your life, this is most of the reason of overthinking. We think only about the person's opening which could be useless and it may become overthinking.

 Today we discuss that why and how people can get rid of their own problems? If we look in deeper, we will find that most of the problem arise because of our own thought. Have you ever notice that we have to think about something else and something else going in our mind. where we don't have to go. So, is it right to think like this?

It's good if you are thinking about something it increases creativity and eagerness. For example:- A child is sitting in class and class is going on and the topic is of astronomical science teacher is teaching about the space. Now, as we know our mind generate pictures of word. So as he listened about space and the other thing then he starts thi…



As you all know, the topic is overthinking and it is biggest problem of the world. Now, we have to find the solution of this problem. First of all we correct the defination of overthinking, Did you address negative thinking as overthinking? No, negative thinking is not overthinking, thinking about something  in negative way and creating an imaginary problems is called overthinking and if you overthink about anything then  you can go in   depression.

Now, what is thinking and thought let's take an example.

Think about a Rose. The image of rose in your mind is called thought and later if you imagine it's root and also fragrance and how the rose will grow called thinking. Now we have to know about negative thinking, thinking about someone's opinion like why he/she say these words to me? There is no answer why he/she say those words to you. Suppose a mentally retired man shouts on you,so willy think about him for 10-15 days that why he shouted on you? Obviously no as it…


Quotes for life:-

1. " You can easily hurt anyone ego,By loosing the faith."

2. "You already have won half of challenges,If you have trust on yourself."

3." Beware from the fake friends because many enemies become friend and have a cheating tendency to defeat you. But, be ready with secret weapon (Believe)."

4. "Your dream is like a toy. Until, you are interested to take care of this toy and make it beutiful. You would be happy. But,where you give it to scrabpicker,your toy would be ruined. So, always be interested in your toy."

5. "Until,you give me respect and treat me like a gentleman,you will stay on my head. But,when you start disrespecting me ,then don't forget that I am your dad."

6. "My great motivation (Parents) are at home, Therefore I don't want motivation from others."

7. "If you are unsatisfied and frustrated with your life ,then see a poor child's smile,it will surely boost you up."

8. &qu…

Habit of Action

Keep talking limited and action unlimited
When you just thinking of something,someone else is actually doing. When you think that what others think, that time  someone else actually enjoy the outcome. Think but not about the people,but about the doing work as much effective you can do and don't take more  time to think.

100% people want success, 80% just dreaming,and 20% work under the people who fulfill their dreams and help them to achieve their dream/goal. Why people fail to achieve their dreams, goals /aim or whatever they want?
 Because they just imagine their outcomes and enjoy. Some of them are imagine their outcome and create imaginary problems. Our own thoughts are the 90% reason of our problems and the people who take actions instead of wasting time on imaginary problems are the fast achiever of success.

Actions are best option untill you belive in yourself otherwise actions are aslo useless. So,get action habit. Now,how to get action habit is the  main point. Simply j…

How to think and dream creatively.

Part 2

 Welcome to 2nd part. 
Lets start, how much time people thinks? They face problem and starts complaining about that instead of thinking about solution. 2nd name of life is problem.

There are some points for thinking:-
1. Many people have problems. in reallity many people are curious because they have problem which allow to think and a sign of life,but those who doesn't have problem they are not living. People should know how to handle worst conditions,so happy to have problem and focus on solution.

2.  Remove negativity and negative people from your life/surrounding. They will always discourage and tell you that you can't do anything and some people pull you down. So, stay away from them if they are your relatives then stay from them in mental state if you can't stay physically then.

3. Always learn new things on daily  basis. That will help you to grow thinking power, increase self confidence,and you can read our blog How To Increase Self-Confidence.

4. if your dream i…