What Is FEAR?

Now a days fear is common word which can exist only in our thoughts of the future. Fear is not real. Fear is only a creation of our imagination. Fear exists* in our thoughts because of desire. If any person has a big desire then he/she has big fear too. Fear depends upon the size of desire. Let's take an example : If any person has desire to become a businessman then he has a fear of failure, a fear of changing environment, a fear of cheating and many more. In your life, you have physical body to do something,and the mental capacity to believe in it. Now what do you want?Fear is like a seed which gets planted during birth inside every single soul. 99% of the people never want that seed to grow into a big tree. Now, it's just suffering & trials through life which either can make this seed into a big tree or lost inside the soil. We all fall down in life but question is that who gets back-up? If you fall, then just get up, and start walking for your goal…

How To Increase Self Confidence?

Manage Your Memory And Increase Your Confidence.
Your brain is extremely much such a bank. Everyday you create thought deposits in your "mind bank." These thought deposits grow and become your memory. after you relax to suppose or after you face a retardant in impact you notify your memory bank,"what do I already realize this?"

Your memory bank automatically answers and provides you with bits of data about this case that your deposited on previous occasions. Your memory,then, is that the basic provider of stuff for your new thought.

The teller in your memory bank is enormously reliable. He ne'er crosses you up. If you approach him and say,"Mr. Teller,let American state withdraw some thoughts I deposited within the past proving i am inferior to simply concerning everyday else," he'll say,"certainly sir. Recall however you unsuccessful twice antecedently after you tried this? Recall what your sixth grade teacher told you concerning your inabil…


What Is Success?

We have 2 definition for Success; First:- Generally people thinks success is that when u will be richest person and u get the things what u want is called success.But they are wrong the definition of success is not end here. Real Success means many wonderful,positive things. if u do wonderful work which other can't do,when u will think positive things most of the time,never be negative and when u have potential to do every work that's tough and easy.if u spread positive vibes,do every work,and when u will stay positive on that day u will get success. success mean personal prosperity: A fine home for staying,vacation for spending sometime with family,travel for enjoyment,new things,financial security,giving your children maximum advantages. success mean winning admiration from people by doing the work or things which is good for everyone, leading to your employees,colleagues,and other people,being looked up to by people in your business and social life. success…

Build Confidence And Destroy Fear

What Is Fear? How You Can Cure Your Fear?

What Is Fear? FRIENDS MEAN WELL WHEN THEY SAY, "It's only your imagination. Don't worry. There's nothing to be afraid of."
But you and that i understand this type of concern medication ne'er extremely works. Such soothing remarks could offer U.S.A. concern relief for a number of minutes the "it's-only-in-your-imagination" treatment does not extremely build confidence and cure concern.
Yes,fear is real. and that we should acknowledge it exists before we are able to conquer it.

Most concern these days is psychological. Worry,tension,embarrassment,panic all stem from mismanaged,negative imagination. however merely knowing the parcel of land of concern does not cure concern. If a doc discovers you've got Associate in Nursing infection in some a part of your body,he does not stop there. He takings with treatment to cure the infection.

The previous "it's-only-in-your-mind" treatment presumes…

Think Big Believe Big And Get Result Big

The size of your result is depend upon the size of your believe..
If I say that how can you get big result/goal? So, most of the people say that by hardwork. Yes, we can get big result by hardwork but before it you should have big thinking and big believing power.

Now may be you will say that how it will help to achieve our big goal. So, for big result you should have both big thinking and big believe. If you lack in any of them then you will face many problem for getting your goal and may be you leave your goal.

Let if you have both of them then what happen, if you think big then your action will be big,you will have something to do big and when you have big thinking afterthat you should have big believing power because of big believe you may become unstoppable, No one can stop you ( if they are your enemy,your fire fighter friend,or your opponent). No one can stop you whether you fall in that work or rise in that work. If you rise in your work and you achieve your goal So because o…


Here are the three guides to acquire and strengthen the power of Belief;
1. Think success ,don't think failure. At work,in your home,substitute success thinking for failure thinking. for  failure thinking. When you face a difficult situation,think,"I'll win," not "I'll probably lose." When you complete with someone else, think "I'm equal to the best,"not "I'm out-classed." When opportunity appears, think "I can do it," never "I  can't." Let the master thought "I-will-succeed" dominate your thinking process. Thinking success conditions your mind to create  plans that produce success.Thinking failure does the exact opposite. Failure thinking conditions the mind to think other thoughts that produce failure..
2. Remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think you are.  Successful people are not superman. Success does not require a super-intellect. Nor is there anything mystical about …

Story of believe

Story of believe.

A young woman I'm acquainted with decided two years ago that she was going to establish a sales agency to sell mobile homes. She was advised by many that she shouldn't -and couldn't do it.

She had less than $3,000 in savings, and was advised the minimum capital investment required was many times that.

"Look how competitive it is," she was advised.
"And besides,what practical experience have you had in selling mobile homes, let alone managing a business?"her advisors asked.

But this young lady had belief in herself and her ability to succeed. She quickly admitted.She lacked capital,that the business was very competitive,and that she lacked experience."But,"she said ,"all the evidence  I can gather shows that the mobile home industry is going to expand. On top of that,I've studied my competition.I know I can do a better job of merchandising trailers than anybody else in this town. I expect to make some mistakes, but I&…