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Win Success By Believing You Can.

Before we start the topic let's correct the definition of success. We win competitions, we got success. Success is not a material to it's a strength that we have to find in our self. It is believe that we have to know about. Success is drug that we have to get our own.
No, correct the definition of success. Is success same for everybody? Abouslutly no, success is  different for everybody, someone want entire knowledge of world, someone want fame, money, luxury, cruise, and etc. 
Now,the main point is that after when we will get success  Will we continue our journey or will we stop there? (comment your opinion). Success is like being pregnant everyone congratulate you but no one knows how many times you fucked. I know you are not here to read these typical quotes, but in my blog you will get some deeper info which officially written by motivational speaker. 
Now, the main point is if someone told you that you can't do this and you believe that I really can't do then yo…