What Is Success?

success word,meaning of success

success word

We have 2 definition for Success;


Generally people thinks success is that when u will be richest person and u get the things what u want is called success.But they are wrong the definition of success is not end here.
Real Success means many wonderful,positive things. if u do wonderful work which other can't do,when u will think positive things most of the time,never be negative and when u have potential to do every work that's tough and easy.if u spread positive vibes,do every work,and when u will stay positive on that day u will get success.
success mean personal prosperity: A fine home for staying,vacation for spending sometime with family,travel for enjoyment,new things,financial security,giving your children maximum advantages.
success mean winning admiration from people by doing the work or things which is good for everyone, leading to your employees,colleagues,and other people,being looked up to by people in your business and social life.
success means freedom: freedom from worries,fear,frustrations and failure.These four things are comes between success  when u will free from these things and work without thinking about fear,failure,frustration and worry then u will be success.
Success means self respect if u have self respect towards oneself,if u can find more real happiness and satisfaction from life,and if u being able to do more for those who depend on you then u are success..

success word,meaning of success
success word,meaning of success

And most of the people thinks i have money,i am rich and i am success.if they think from some amount they are rich then they are wrong they are not rich until they don't purchase everything whatever they want without see the price tag and whenever they goes on restaurant they see only right instead of left of the menu if they are able to do these things then we can say they are rich but can't be say they are successful.success depends upon you internal happiness and work which gives you fully satisfaction. 


And the second most important thing..which I want to say i.e.,

When we hear word success we imagine first thing and its money. Is money necessary? Absolutely yes. Most important thing that you worked and got money but you don't have enough time for family and for yourself. Means did you exercise daily? If no then what made you busy its failure minimum you have to 2-3 hours for yourself.
Money is not success. Why you want time?
For your relationships,for family,and most important for yourself. Now why we have to spend time on oneself For example- One you are going in car 2nd you are working on car means service our body also like that and you are working on your mind (not meditation it is manipulating word). Meaning of working on mind is that watch whats running inside the mind, what types of fears inside us, understanding the root of that fear. Is root will clear by just understanding it or we should have to do something? We should have to something for mind in that way you are observe you mind to do this we got a direction. If someone not doing something for their mind then they got directionless life.
It is possible that they'll get success but it will go wherever life want means still remain directionless and this failure. Now next is satisfaction. When got satisfied from life we become happy and full of energy but when when we got dissatisfied did you ever think that in that time where our energy is? No. This is called working on mind. So successful people is who have Time,Freedom and inner satisfaction.
If our thinking is on right path then success is 100% percentage possible. You can't act without thinking. Successful people never give excuses but losers always blame others and give excuses.
So if you want to be successful person then put your effort instead of giving excuses.

success word,meaning of success

success word,meaning of success

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