guide for believe big,power of believe
guide for believe big,power of believe

Believe could be ordinary or extraordinary, but main point is that how to develope believing system. If I give you just one answer that remove negative people, read daily, train your mind daily, sit with winners or visionary people then conversation would be different. Is it not?

Of course, but how 98% students fell into depression? Because of negative people and they will always told you that you can't do this you have to choose another way which they also don't know and so on. So, remove negative people and one more important point is that you have to sit with the people who is inspiring you. Next point is you have to practice daily for increasing and improving your skill, and gain knowledge daily of your interest for example:-  if you want to be singer then you have to read books,write about music and practice your vocal daily. Practice is necessary for every skill. 

Third is simple, but complex just look for good things in worst situations and you'll be motivated automatically. Look for solutions of your problems and you'll grow, but you don't have to be appreciate yourself like you gave your best at somewhere and no one in your family wasn't done that.

 So, don't be arrogant just grow yourself and you'll be Royal, Loyal, Intelligent and most important that is don't except anything from anyone like you are doing business and you just want money. If the business would fail you'd be depress. But,you have be mentally strong. So, don't except anything just be in your lane and don't compare yourself with others, don't care what others say to you they appreciate you or they disappriciate you. Just stick on your decision and work.

Thanks guys for your patience and best of luck. 

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