Story of believe

Story of believe.

believe in yourself,believing power
believe in yourself,believing power

Let's correct the definition of illusion and believe, this is important. There is a ghost standing behind you is it illusion or believe? It is believe until you look back after that it is just illusion.

 I mean to say whatever you thought about yourself you become. If you think you are weak then you will and if you think that you are strong then you will strong, it is all about of believe.

 Let's take a example Muhammad ali a famous boxer thinks that he is strong he  practising daily with this thought that he is strong and he will.

 A 12 year old girl named Malala Yousafzai got shoot out on her head for the following statement "Tabliban ki kya aukaat jo humari Study ruk va de mai study krna chahti hoon and mai krungi" .

After few days a man comes to her bus and ask who is Malala she said "I am Malala " and the man take shot on her head 3 bullets come over her head and she raise a new slogan "With guns you can kill terrorists. With education, you can kill terrorism". She awarder with the Nobel Peace prize. The biggest award of the world.

 This all possible by the believe, if you believe then you can don't care what others are saying to you. Believing system has to be strong with little bit mental toughness.

Usain Bolt believe that he will break the  international world record of Milkha Singh and now rest is history. a little bit mental toughness is necessary to become a champion, Because whatever you think you will become.
So, this is the story of believe.

 Thanks guys for your patience and best of luck.

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