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How To Increase Self Confidence?

First of all, before we start our topic. We should   know that what is confidence. I can do this is our confidence ,but only I can do this is our overconfidence.

 So, let's start, to increase self confidence first you have to share your ideas with strangers this will help alot to get better feedback, and most important you have to form your mind. I say formed not filled.

Class toppers just fill their mind by reading but billionaires, entrepreneurs, business coaches formed their mind by understanding what's written inside the books. So, read books to improve vocabularies, knowledge and so on. You must have to sit with the people who inspiring you again and again otherwise, you'll lose or wash your mind with the people who has 9-5 jobs.

This is biggest problem that boys/girls feel uncomfortable while talking opposite to gender/sex cause lack of self confidence. This is topic of personality development anyway come back to topic. Make sure ,whenever you  talking to others. yo…


What Is Success?

We have 2 definition for Success; First:- Generally people thinks success is that when u will be richest person and u get the things what u want is called success.But they are wrong the definition of success is not end here. Real Success means many wonderful,positive things. if u do wonderful work which other can't do,when u will think positive things most of the time,never be negative and when u have potential to do every work that's tough and easy.if u spread positive vibes,do every work,and when u will stay positive on that day u will get success. success mean personal prosperity: A fine home for staying,vacation for spending sometime with family,travel for enjoyment,new things,financial security,giving your children maximum advantages. success mean winning admiration from people by doing the work or things which is good for everyone, leading to your employees,colleagues,and other people,being looked up to by people in your business and social life. success…