How To Increase Self Confidence?

self confidence,building confidence
self confidence,building confidence

First of all, before we start our topic. We should   know that what is confidence. I can do this is our confidence ,but only I can do this is our overconfidence.

 So, let's start, to increase self confidence first you have to share your ideas with strangers this will help alot to get better feedback, and most important you have to form your mind. I say formed not filled.

Class toppers just fill their mind by reading but billionaires, entrepreneurs, business coaches formed their mind by understanding what's written inside the books. So, read books to improve vocabularies, knowledge and so on. You must have to sit with the people who inspiring you again and again otherwise, you'll lose or wash your mind with the people who has 9-5 jobs.

This is biggest problem that boys/girls feel uncomfortable while talking opposite to gender/sex cause lack of self confidence. This is topic of personality development anyway come back to topic. Make sure ,whenever you  talking to others. you must have an eyecontent. this is sign of that you are confident about your words. Now, how to do eyecontent? While looking into someone's eyes make sure you are not so lean with them ,offer a hand shake not so tight not so loose, and break eyecontent for few second like while laughing or talking to someother personality.

 This is first step of self confidence. Now,how to formed mind set? Simple, if you are students sit with teachers who is a great in that things and read books, that books whose words can change your mindset or giving you some knowledge about your skills(singing, cooking, physical education,etc.) and read newspaper this will help alot.  When you are going to meeting and don't have any topic to debate then the news you read on newspaper will help alot and it stayed you up to date. Thanks guys for your patience and best of luck.

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