What Is FEAR?

Now a days fear is common word which can exist only in our thoughts of the future. Fear is not real. Fear is only a creation of our imagination. Fear exists in our thoughts because of desire. If any person has a big desire then he/she has big fear too. Fear depends upon the size of desire. Let's take an example : If any person has desire to become a businessman then he has a fear of failure, a fear of changing environment, a fear of cheating and many more. In your life, you have physical body to do something,and the mental capacity to believe in it. Now what do you want?Fear is like a seed which gets planted during birth inside every single soul. 99% of the people never want that seed to grow into a big tree. Now, it's just suffering & trials through life which either can make this seed into a big tree or lost inside the soil. We all fall down in life but question is that who gets back-up? If you fall, then just get up, and start walking for your goal, again. If you lose the things for your goal it's ok, at least you tried, you gave your 100%.If you are fearing because other people already have been failed in that work which you want to do. So, this fear can never give you success in your life. Let that person fail but no one knows that you will fail too. Maybe you have better knowledge than him. So whatever you want to do, always do with knowledge.

Fear is a myth. People say that they see ghost. That was not a ghost that was his myth because he has a fear of ghosts in his mind and therefore he felt that there was a ghost.
Let's take one more example you know that fire can burn, then how can you save yourself from fire ? When you have knowledge instead of fear would you ever fear from fire ? May be your answer will be NO. Why? Because you have the knowledge about facing the situation when it arrives. You will never fear from that situation. So fill the knowledge in your mind instead of fear.

What does dignity mean?

Fear of others may be a huge worry. however there's how to overcome  it. you'll conquer worry of individuals if you may learn to place them in"proper perspective."

A business friend,who is doing exceptionally well operative his own wood-novelty plant, explained to me however he got the correct perspective of individuals. His example is fascinating.

Here are 2 ways to put people in correct perspective:-

1. Get a balanced read of different fellow.

Keep these 2 points in mind once addressing people:

first, the opposite fellow is vital. in spades,he is vital. each individual is however keep in mind this,also. you're vital,too. therefore after you meet another person,make it a policy to suppose,"we're simply 2 vital individuals sitting right down to discuss one thing of mutual interest and profit."

The other fellow would possibly look awfully huge, awfully vital. however keep in mind,he is still individual with primarily constant interests,desires,and issues as you.

2. Develop associate understanding angle. 

People who wish figuratively to bite you,growl at you, choose on you and different wise chop you down aren't rare.If you are not ready for individuals like that,they can punch huge holes in your confidence and cause you to feel fully defeated.you need  defense against the adult bully, the man who likes to throw his fellow who likes to throw his meager weight spherical.

How to overcome fear?

Only one person in society have to do something different from society and that person has  a question that, what people will think about him/her. This is fear of society that everyone has. There are 2 phases to face that problem let deeper into this i am not sure that you get that point which i want to say.

People says how to overcome fear. For example- if you saw a ghost you ask a question how to overcome the fear of ghost and and second is what is ghost. Is ghost real or not? Did you understand that difference between how to and what is? In how to overcome fear of ghost I'll give you the tips like wear cross in your neck or tattoo a word of Hinduism "OM" etc. This was first whatever you do in your schedule you just stuck into how to. Nobody will ask this question that what is fear.
They give only silly advises but if they stucked into them they also got that fear like your parents told to "today is your exam don't worry" if they have to do that exam they also got fear of that. Can you be absolutely fearless?

Most of you will say no means you accepting fear.  You are taking decisions cause of fears that never want to take and doing that thinks you don't want cause fear. Am I right? Is desire is root of fear and attachment too?

 If you have desire to crack exam and also have fear of fail in that exam/subject. You attached with someone and having same level of fear of loosing him/her. You have no attachment with anyone means you have no fear of losing them millions of people died in different region. will you be fear to losing them?

 No. But that's not means that you don't have to get attached. What should we do is next step first you have understand that what exactly it is. Is desire  negative? If there is No desire then no fear. If you have lots of desires then you have lots of fears. Where we get attachment. You got attachment with your work. A student have fear of lose not of study. If a student have fear of study then he/she will study and he/she can fix the fear. If you want to overcome the fear then we have 2 procedure:-
1. Love
2. Action

So firstly lets talk about love.

 If someone have fear,then love is the only way where there is love but there is no fear. If we attached  with love and there is only attachment instead of love,there is no connection between them. Then in that situation fear will come in both people and they will think what other partner will say about him and her.

Where there is only attachment there you will see fear and where there is  fear there is no love. I  see and listen from many  parents they say that they love their child then why students got depression why they commit suicide?

 Their parents attached with them they think that if their child didn't do that thing then  don't know what will happen wrong with them if they truly love them they told to their child go and  do whatever you want to do. If really want to overcoming  fear then one of the method that is love. If you really love something and you have to suffer from torcher for that thing then you've like that torcher.

 For example if you have fear of failure in exam so first of all you should love your books and study. Assume that study is a beautiful girl and you want to marry with her. So first of all you have to love her.

And then the next step will be Action.

 So, now you love her. Still this is one sided love. Now you want to express you feeling abut her so what you will do. May be you will only think that if she will reject your proposal then what will happen and you will worry about it. This is the main reason of fear. You never take action. You only worried instead of taking action. So just take action and if you only take action instead of worry then you can see that you can overcome your fear


  1. I also would like to share one fear, that I am troubld most. Fear of career or you can say I am afraid abouty future. This article really helped and gave me few ideas, that I can implement in my life. Let's see the results.

  2. Yes,Sir you are right. This fear is also common fear and we have lot of fear but I write about some fear.
    And I hope it will help you to overcoming your fear.
    Thank you for reading this post.

  3. its good but how you can overcome on your fear

  4. Hello rupesh, it's Hansraj here. I read your article about the fear and while reading I remember my many of the fears which I had or which I have, but it really helped me to over come or to fight against it, and one thing more that you added many topics in fear like love, dignity, somewhere depression as well, so I wanna suggest you to right about these topics Seperately too.
    In last I wanna say you all the best, and you are on the right tack which you want. I hope which you are doing you will find you interest, passion, and purpose. Thank you very much for this information buddy.


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