Patience is virtue

Buddha, patience is virtue

Patience is biggest and best key to achieve anything whatever you want in your life.

Let's start, most of the people wants to be successful fast they don't have patience, where as actually successful people have patience because they know that success never come overnight. The who has patience, has the power to change and win the game. Patience is best teacher in failure if you don't have patience then also you don't have discipline and the one who hasn't discipline, never deserve success.

Second thing is that you don't have to sacrifice. Don't stay in comfort zone. When we are out of our comfort zone then we have discipline, hardwork, obsession and have patience too. Without patience nothing can be achieve, without patience we are in state of mind where we can get mad/anger easily.

So, be clam have some patience and wait for right time. Something is coming to you and remember that small change can make large differences. You don't have to commit extra large commitments. Just commit 1 commitment per day and complete that if you do then you would be motivated and then increase the standard like first you committed 1 commitment a day now commit 5 commitments per day and complete that. If you are not work on that commitments then you'll be demotivated and no one can do nothing. If you want to help yourself then everybody will help you ,but if you are not helping yourself then no one will help you.

Thanks friends for your patience and best of luck.


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