Habit of Action

Habit of action,action

Keep talking limited and action unlimited

When you just thinking of something,someone else is actually doing. When you think that what others think, that time  someone else actually enjoy the outcome. Think but not about the people,but about the doing work as much effective you can do and don't take more  time to think.

100% people want success, 80% just dreaming,and 20% work under the people who fulfill their dreams and help them to achieve their dream/goal. Why people fail to achieve their dreams, goals /aim or whatever they want?
 Because they just imagine their outcomes and enjoy. Some of them are imagine their outcome and create imaginary problems. Our own thoughts are the 90% reason of our problems and the people who take actions instead of wasting time on imaginary problems are the fast achiever of success.

Actions are best option untill you belive in yourself otherwise actions are aslo useless. So,get action habit. Now,how to get action habit is the  main point. Simply just think 30 minutes for the problem with yourself, you will get solution. After 30 minutes what answer will come is the solution. Now, you don't have to think that what others will say or think.

Remember that the people who laugh on other instead of encouraging or helping them, also can't do nothing. If you want to think about what others will think, people will laugh on me, but remember that your life is yours and you can either  lose this life or win this life, no one care, but you have to care your life because it's complete yours not someone's else.

Thank you friends for patience and have a nice day.


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