How to think and dream creatively


Think, dream

This is best topic suggest by our viewer. We are glad to have that type of people who want to change themselves and want success in their lives. So, let's start the topic.

Everybody starts with a dream like Ram wants to do a business on large scale, so what will he does? He will follow his senior  and experienced people in his field and arrange some meetings with business man(note that point) and on the other side, Lakhan also wants' to do business but he just dreaming about that.

Where Ram was doing business he arranges meetings etc, but Lakhan is just dreaming just try to experience that life which he wants, so he just goes to a man who does 9-5 job and he doesn't have side income. What is difference between both of them, some people knows that what they are doing and how to do that.

The biggest difference is that first one who is actually wants to do is they sit and taking advice from that person who actually success in business or their field and the second  is that some people  goes to Mercedes driver for taking advice how to own Rolls Royce.

Hope all of you are  getting the point. This is that how to dream creatively and done that. Now, another question is how to think? This is simple, but complex if I end this in one line then the line would be this:-  find out solutions of your problems instead focusing on problem and stop giving excuses. Last one obsession toward passion and change it into profession.
 We will cover this in depth in 2nd part.

So, Thank you friends for your patience and best of luck.


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