How to think and dream creatively.

 Part 2

How to think and dream creatively,Thinking,Dreams

 Welcome to 2nd part. 

Lets start, how much time people thinks? They face problem and starts complaining about that instead of thinking about solution. 2nd name of life is problem.

There are some points for thinking:-

1. Many people have problems. in reallity many people are curious because they have problem which allow to think and a sign of life,but those who doesn't have problem they are not living. People should know how to handle worst conditions,so happy to have problem and focus on solution.

2.  Remove negativity and negative people from your life/surrounding. They will always discourage and tell you that you can't do anything and some people pull you down. So, stay away from them if they are your relatives then stay from them in mental state if you can't stay physically then.

3. Always learn new things on daily  basis. That will help you to grow thinking power, increase self confidence,and you can read our blog How To Increase Self-Confidence.

4. if your dream is worthy then never give up don't care that how much people you lose and what they think. If you believe in yourself then you must be crazy about your dream when people tells to you that you are crazy, then you can say that you are on right track and if they don't say anything,but you feel that I am doing what I love/like the it is also a great sign because in which thing you are interested that force you to think.

Now, let's revise this

1. Think about solution don't complain.
2.Remove negativity and  negative/toxic people from your surroundings.

3. Never stop learning, always learn new things because it is a part of thinking exercise.

4. obsession that you must be have toward your dream and passion.
Don't think about people, think only about the way to achieve your dream.
 Change your passion into profession for example Usain Bolt was passionate for running and Cristiano Ronaldo was passionate for football. Now, history is witness how they changed.

Thank you friends for your patience and have a nice day.


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