Overthinking (part-3)

Overthinking, thinking

In previous articles we discussed that how to come out from our problems? Today we will discuss about last 2 main reason of overthinking and this is last article on this topic.

 Let's start our 1st reason of overthinking is our imaginary problem,as we have discussed it in previous part ,but yeah you can say outcome that may be positive or negative and 2nd problem is other's opinion in our life. Let's take an example suppose that you want to try to do something bigger in your life and only 1 thought arise in your mind  i.e., what if I fail. If I end this in one line it would be "this is called life", but  we will discuss it in deeper for better understanding. If you think that you would fail in something which you want to do and that would be your end then may be  you don't know the real meaning of life and you haven't learnt anything from your life.

 If you will fail in something then people will come and will make jokes of you and the one just who are doing 9-5 job  will tell that you are fail in your life .The one person who actually work 9-5 job, paying bills, EMI, and unable to get their dream things will tell you that "you are fail in life, you can't do anything now". If you leave and give up at that time then trust me, you really will fail in life and you can't do anything but if you raise,push yourself at that time and try once again, again and again with new experiments then  you'll be definitely successful and will know the real meaning of life. What is real meaning of life? (Comment below).

 Now the 2nd problem is of free advisers, advisers who teach you how to live and their silly opinion/advisory on the basis of their life. You can write a book on these advisories and it will be the best seller book seriously because this is not only your problem, this is the problem of  every student who have already faced this, but I am not going to write a whole book I just ended this in one line Just ignore and don't take it seriously and be mentally absent to that people, but there is one more big advisor, our parents.

Overthinking, overthink

 They also tell us to go to collage take 9-5 and secure your future they are correct because they just wants to see you happy and nothing else. So, don't argue with them about these topic only give satisfaction to them, try to win the trust of your parents, don't break trust ever never and continue the journey to achieve your dream.

Thanks friends for your time and patience have a nice day.


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