Overthinking, depression

As you all know, the topic is overthinking and it is biggest problem of the world. Now, we have to find the solution of this problem. First of all we correct the defination of overthinking, Did you address negative thinking as overthinking? No, negative thinking is not overthinking, thinking about something  in negative way and creating an imaginary problems is called overthinking and if you overthink about anything then  you can go in   depression.

Now, what is thinking and thought let's take an example.

Think,though, overthinking
Think and thought

Think about a Rose. The image of rose in your mind is called thought and later if you imagine it's root and also fragrance and how the rose will grow called thinking. Now we have to know about negative thinking, thinking about someone's opinion like why he/she say these words to me? There is no answer why he/she say those words to you. Suppose a mentally retired man shouts on you,so willy think about him for 10-15 days that why he shouted on you? Obviously no as it is don't take the people's opinion too seriously,Physically if you can't stay away from them then stay away mentally.
 This is not small topic,so it will cover in next 2-3 part.

Thanks for your previous time, patience and have a nice day.


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