Overthinking (part-2)


In previous part,we discussed that stay away form negative people and also ignoring to implement other people's opinion toward your life, this is most of the reason of overthinking. We think only about the person's opening which could be useless and it may become overthinking.

 Today we discuss that why and how people can get rid of their own problems? If we look in deeper, we will find that most of the problem arise because of our own thought. Have you ever notice that we have to think about something else and something else going in our mind. where we don't have to go. So, is it right to think like this?

It's good if you are thinking about something it increases creativity and eagerness. For example:- A child is sitting in class and class is going on and the topic is of astronomical science teacher is teaching about the space. Now, as we know our mind generate pictures of word. So as he listened about space and the other thing then he starts thinking about space how would it look? What would be there? This encourage the eagerness and creativity, so here overthinking could be right because there is no any excruciating thought towards himself, no any depression would be there and many more. where is no any negative impact.

Now, what is the solution of overthinking?

First of all,we have to control our thoughts otherwise they will control us. So if I end this in one line then it would be, you just have to put yourself like you are advicing to others at the same situation than you'll find better answer.
Now,how to get rid of unnecessary thoughts? If you'll find that you are getting deep into problem then stop thinking immediately and just do a pep talk for only 30 minutes,become the advisor of yourself for the solution of that problem. Whatever answer would come just follow that. If you think that's right for you  then go ahead. I hope you have understood.

Thanks your friends for your precious time, patience. And don't forget to comment that what have you found helpful in this article and tell us your opinion.


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