Quotes for life:-

1. " You can easily hurt anyone ego,By loosing the faith."

2. "You already have won half of challenges,If you have trust on yourself."

3." Beware from the fake friends because many enemies become friend and have a cheating tendency to defeat you. But, be ready with secret weapon (Believe)."

4. "Your dream is like a toy. Until, you are interested to take care of this toy and make it beutiful. You would be happy. But,where you give it to scrabpicker,your toy would be ruined. So, always be interested in your toy."

5. "Until,you give me respect and treat me like a gentleman,you will stay on my head. But,when you start disrespecting me ,then don't forget that I am your dad."

6. "My great motivation (Parents) are at home,

Therefore I don't want motivation from others."

7. "If you are unsatisfied and frustrated with your life ,then see a poor child's smile,it will surely boost you up."

8. "Nothing cuts you down easily,

If your roots of belief is deeper."

9. "If your heart is broken then be thankful, because  your distraction has been gone."

10. "Mind inside body is like an iron. Leave it outside without use, rust will cover that strong mind and it will make that body useless."


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