Short motivational story of Demosthene.

Today, this topic is all about Demosthenes the great orator in the world.
How he trouble in his life and got the Oracy skill.

He was born in Ethens the capital of Greece in 384 B.C,, When he born then his mother  died and when he was of 7 year then his father died.

After his parents death whoever left in his family they snatch everything from him his money,workers and even his education too. At that time he was unable to do anything  because he was child and stuttered as well. Everyone made fun of him  and laugh on his speech,but he took pledge that he will comeout against this plot.Then he had been underground he became bald and he practice day and night by putting marbles in his mouth ,against the wave of oceans for achieving his goal and for getting his right.

He carried this for several months. When he cured his speech then he went court and challanged his gardients.Then he won and he got everything.

everyone became fan of demosthene. Big deals came near him. He became popular . He had a different power that he could change his volume,speech and words according to the need of case.

He thought that he should use this power  a special purpose. He wanted to make his country Ideal and great. Where everyone can speak freely. There he goes in politics and gave his first political speech in 354B.C.. and he didn't stop.The target of his voice were political parties and the king of that time first he challange to phillips 2 ,then sikandar mahan and finally antipator, but antipator made plan to kill demosthene and sent to archios. Before that demosthene ate poison and when archios reached near him then demosthene said his last word to archios that "You can play your role of villan and erase my body without bury it but I know my role better and I will stand and raise my voice for my city Ethens, for my pure temple".


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