You are what you think you are:

Do you know, you become what you think? Yes, you are the product of your own thinking. Whatever you think, you act like that and become that type of person.

Your thought becomes your action/behaviour, your action/behaviour decides the feeling inside you, and your  feeling generates a thought inside you.
And, your environment also matters to your thinking to be.

Let's understand this idea in some points:-

1. If positive; optimistic; and the people, who can see the growth of own and others; are in your environment; then, you also think and become that type of person.

And, if negative, pessimistic, and gossipers are in your environment, then you can't think in that way which is required for being successful.

So, always choose an environment in which you and your mind can grow.

2. Look at yourself like an important individual and don't sell yourself fast.
Your appearance does matter to look important. If you wear a well-maintained dress, then it increases confidence, and you start to think in a better way(try to apply this).

Always show that you are also important.

3. Think your work is important. Your attitude and behaviour show how you feel
about your job.

If you think this way, then your mind receives a signal on how to do your   job in a better way.

You think that your work is important, and your subordinates will think of their work as important.

4. Everyday, give a pep-talk to yourself to remind that at every opportunity you are going to do a first-class job.

5. In complex circumstances, always think that "Is this the way an important person thinks?", and whatever answer you get, obey that.

These are the some important points for making you understand.

Thank you for your patience and have a nice day.


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