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You are what you think you are:

Do you know, you become what you think? Yes, you are the product of your own thinking. Whatever you think, you act like that and become that type of person.

Your thought becomes your action/behaviour, your action/behaviour decides the feeling inside you, and your  feeling generates a thought inside you.
And, your environment also matters to your thinking to be.

Let's understand this idea in some points:-

1. If positive; optimistic; and the people, who can see the growth of own and others; are in your environment; then, you also think and become that type of person.

And, if negative, pessimistic, and gossipers are in your environment, then you can't think in that way which is required for being successful.

So, always choose an environment in which you and your mind can grow.

2. Look at yourself like an important individual and don't sell yourself fast.
Your appearance does matter to look important. If you wear a well-maintained dress, then it increases confidence, and you st…


Overthinking (part-3)

In previous articles we discussed that how to come out from our problems? Today we will discuss about last 2 main reason of overthinking and this is last article on this topic.

 Let's start our 1st reason of overthinking is our imaginary problem,as we have discussed it in previous part ,but yeah you can say outcome that may be positive or negative and 2nd problem is other's opinion in our life. Let's take an example suppose that you want to try to do something bigger in your life and only 1 thought arise in your mind  i.e., what if I fail. If I end this in one line it would be "this is called life", but  we will discuss it in deeper for better understanding. If you think that you would fail in something which you want to do and that would be your end then may be  you don't know the real meaning of life and you haven't learnt anything from your life.

 If you will fail in something then people will come and will make jokes of you and t…


Overthinking (part-2)

In previous part,we discussed that stay away form negative people and also ignoring to implement other people's opinion toward your life, this is most of the reason of overthinking. We think only about the person's opening which could be useless and it may become overthinking.

 Today we discuss that why and how people can get rid of their own problems? If we look in deeper, we will find that most of the problem arise because of our own thought. Have you ever notice that we have to think about something else and something else going in our mind. where we don't have to go. So, is it right to think like this?

It's good if you are thinking about something it increases creativity and eagerness. For example:- A child is sitting in class and class is going on and the topic is of astronomical science teacher is teaching about the space. Now, as we know our mind generate pictures of word. So as he listened about space and the other thing then he starts thi…



As you all know, the topic is overthinking and it is biggest problem of the world. Now, we have to find the solution of this problem. First of all we correct the defination of overthinking, Did you address negative thinking as overthinking? No, negative thinking is not overthinking, thinking about something  in negative way and creating an imaginary problems is called overthinking and if you overthink about anything then  you can go in   depression.

Now, what is thinking and thought let's take an example.

Think about a Rose. The image of rose in your mind is called thought and later if you imagine it's root and also fragrance and how the rose will grow called thinking. Now we have to know about negative thinking, thinking about someone's opinion like why he/she say these words to me? There is no answer why he/she say those words to you. Suppose a mentally retired man shouts on you,so willy think about him for 10-15 days that why he shouted on you? Obviously no as it…

Habit of Action

Keep talking limited and action unlimited
When you just thinking of something,someone else is actually doing. When you think that what others think, that time  someone else actually enjoy the outcome. Think but not about the people,but about the doing work as much effective you can do and don't take more  time to think.

100% people want success, 80% just dreaming,and 20% work under the people who fulfill their dreams and help them to achieve their dream/goal. Why people fail to achieve their dreams, goals /aim or whatever they want?
 Because they just imagine their outcomes and enjoy. Some of them are imagine their outcome and create imaginary problems. Our own thoughts are the 90% reason of our problems and the people who take actions instead of wasting time on imaginary problems are the fast achiever of success.

Actions are best option untill you belive in yourself otherwise actions are aslo useless. So,get action habit. Now,how to get action habit is the  main point. Simply j…

How to think and dream creatively


This is best topic suggest by our viewer. We are glad to have that type of people who want to change themselves and want success in their lives. So, let's start the topic.

Everybody starts with a dream like Ram wants to do a business on large scale, so what will he does? He will follow his senior  and experienced people in his field and arrange some meetings with business man(note that point) and on the other side, Lakhan also wants' to do business but he just dreaming about that.

Where Ram was doing business he arranges meetings etc, but Lakhan is just dreaming just try to experience that life which he wants, so he just goes to a man who does 9-5 job and he doesn't have side income. What is difference between both of them, some people knows that what they are doing and how to do that.

The biggest difference is that first one who is actually wants to do is they sit and taking advice from that person who actually success in business or their field and the second  is …

Patience is virtue

Patience is biggest and best key to achieve anything whatever you want in your life.
Let's start, most of the people wants to be successful fast they don't have patience, where as actually successful people have patience because they know that success never come overnight. The who has patience, has the power to change and win the game. Patience is best teacher in failure if you don't have patience then also you don't have discipline and the one who hasn't discipline, never deserve success.

Second thing is that you don't have to sacrifice. Don't stay in comfort zone. When we are out of our comfort zone then we have discipline, hardwork, obsession and have patience too. Without patience nothing can be achieve, without patience we are in state of mind where we can get mad/anger easily.

So, be clam have some patience and wait for right time. Something is coming to you and remember that small change can make large differences. You don't have to commit extra …

Short motivational story of Demosthene.

Today, this topic is all about Demosthenes the great orator in the world. How he trouble in his life and got the Oracy skill.

He was born in Ethens the capital of Greece in 384 B.C,, When he born then his mother  died and when he was of 7 year then his father died.

After his parents death whoever left in his family they snatch everything from him his money,workers and even his education too. At that time he was unable to do anything  because he was child and stuttered as well. Everyone made fun of him  and laugh on his speech,but he took pledge that he will comeout against this plot.Then he had been underground he became bald and he practice day and night by putting marbles in his mouth ,against the wave of oceans for achieving his goal and for getting his right.

He carried this for several months. When he cured his speech then he went court and challanged his gardients.Then he won and he got everything.

everyone became fan of demosthene. Big deals came near him. He became popular . …


What Is FEAR?

Now a days fear is common word which can exist only in our thoughts of the future. Fear is not real. Fear is only a creation of our imagination. Fear exists in our thoughts because of desire. If any person has a big desire then he/she has big fear too. Fear depends upon the size of desire. Let's take an example : If any person has desire to become a businessman then he has a fear of failure, a fear of changing environment, a fear of cheating and many more. In your life, you have physical body to do something,and the mental capacity to believe in it. Now what do you want?Fear is like a seed which gets planted during birth inside every single soul. 99% of the people never want that seed to grow into a big tree. Now, it's just suffering & trials through life which either can make this seed into a big tree or lost inside the soil. We all fall down in life but question is that who gets back-up? If you fall, then just get up, and start walking for your goal,…

How To Increase Self Confidence?

First of all, before we start our topic. We should   know that what is confidence. I can do this is our confidence ,but only I can do this is our overconfidence.

 So, let's start, to increase self confidence first you have to share your ideas with strangers this will help alot to get better feedback, and most important you have to form your mind. I say formed not filled.

Class toppers just fill their mind by reading but billionaires, entrepreneurs, business coaches formed their mind by understanding what's written inside the books. So, read books to improve vocabularies, knowledge and so on. You must have to sit with the people who inspiring you again and again otherwise, you'll lose or wash your mind with the people who has 9-5 jobs.

This is biggest problem that boys/girls feel uncomfortable while talking opposite to gender/sex cause lack of self confidence. This is topic of personality development anyway come back to topic. Make sure ,whenever you  talking to others. yo…


What Is Success?

We have 2 definition for Success; First:- Generally people thinks success is that when u will be richest person and u get the things what u want is called success.But they are wrong the definition of success is not end here. Real Success means many wonderful,positive things. if u do wonderful work which other can't do,when u will think positive things most of the time,never be negative and when u have potential to do every work that's tough and easy.if u spread positive vibes,do every work,and when u will stay positive on that day u will get success. success mean personal prosperity: A fine home for staying,vacation for spending sometime with family,travel for enjoyment,new things,financial security,giving your children maximum advantages. success mean winning admiration from people by doing the work or things which is good for everyone, leading to your employees,colleagues,and other people,being looked up to by people in your business and social life. success…

Build Confidence And Destroy Fear

What Is Fear? How You Can Cure Your Fear?

What Is Fear? FRIENDS MEAN WELL WHEN THEY SAY, "It's only your imagination. Don't worry. There's nothing to be afraid of."
But you and that i understand this type of concern medication ne'er extremely works. Such soothing remarks could offer U.S.A. concern relief for a number of minutes the "it's-only-in-your-imagination" treatment does not extremely build confidence and cure concern.
Yes,fear is real. and that we should acknowledge it exists before we are able to conquer it.

Most concern these days is psychological. Worry,tension,embarrassment,panic all stem from mismanaged,negative imagination. however merely knowing the parcel of land of concern does not cure concern. If a doc discovers you've got Associate in Nursing infection in some a part of your body,he does not stop there. He takings with treatment to cure the infection.

The previous "it's-only-in-your-mind" treatment presumes…

Think Big Believe Big And Get Result Big

The size of your result is depend upon the size of your believe..
If I say that how can you get big result/goal? So, most of the people say that by hardwork. Yes, we can get big result by hardwork but before it you should have big thinking and big believing power.

Now may be you will say that how it will help to achieve our big goal. So, for big result you should have both big thinking and big believe. If you lack in any of them then you will face many problem for getting your goal and may be you leave your goal.

Let if you have both of them then what happen, if you think big then your action will be big,you will have something to do big and when you have big thinking afterthat you should have big believing power because of big believe you may become unstoppable, No one can stop you ( if they are your enemy,your fire fighter friend,or your opponent). No one can stop you whether you fall in that work or rise in that work. If you rise in your work and you achieve your goal So because o…


Believe could be ordinary or extraordinary, but main point is that how to develope believing system. If I give you just one answer that remove negative people, read daily, train your mind daily, sit with winners or visionary people then conversation would be different. Is it not?
Of course, but how 98% students fell into depression? Because of negative people and they will always told you that you can't do this you have to choose another way which they also don't know and so on. So, remove negative people and one more important point is that you have to sit with the people who is inspiring you. Next point is you have to practice daily for increasing and improving your skill, and gain knowledge daily of your interest for example:-  if you want to be singer then you have to read books,write about music and practice your vocal daily. Practice is necessary for every skill. 
Third is simple, but complex just look for good things in worst situations and you'll be motivated automat…

Story of believe

Story of believe.

Let's correct the definition of illusion and believe, this is important. There is a ghost standing behind you is it illusion or believe? It is believe until you look back after that it is just illusion.

 I mean to say whatever you thought about yourself you become. If you think you are weak then you will and if you think that you are strong then you will strong, it is all about of believe.

 Let's take a example Muhammad ali a famous boxer thinks that he is strong he  practising daily with this thought that he is strong and he will.

 A 12 year old girl named Malala Yousafzai got shoot out on her head for the following statement "Tabliban ki kya aukaat jo humari Study ruk va de mai study krna chahti hoon and mai krungi" .

After few days a man comes to her bus and ask who is Malala she said "I am Malala " and the man take shot on her head 3 bullets come over her head and she raise a new slogan "With guns you can kill terrorists. With edu…

Make Your Mind Produce Positive Thoughts.

TYPES OF THINKING,AND HOW ARE ABLE TO HANDLE THEM   Your mind may be a "thought works." it is a busy works,producing infinite thoughts in sooner or later.production in your thought works is beneath the charge of 2 foreman,one of whom we are going to decision adult male. Triumph and also the alternative adult male. Defeat. Mr. Triumph is answerable of producing positive thoughts.He makes a speciality of manufacturing reasons why you'll ,why you are qualified,why you may.

The other foreman,Mr.Defeat,produces negative decreasing thoughts.He is your knowledgeable in developing reasons why you cannot, why you are weak, why you are inadequate.His specialty is that the "why-you-will-fail" chain of thoughts.

Both Mr.Triumph and adult male. Defeat are intensely acquiescent.They snap to attention directly.All you wish do to signal either foreman is to the slightest mental beck-and-call.If the signal is positive,Mr. Triumph can breakthrough and visit work.Likewise, a nega…

Win Success By Believing You Can.

Before we start the topic let's correct the definition of success. We win competitions, we got success. Success is not a material to it's a strength that we have to find in our self. It is believe that we have to know about. Success is drug that we have to get our own.
No, correct the definition of success. Is success same for everybody? Abouslutly no, success is  different for everybody, someone want entire knowledge of world, someone want fame, money, luxury, cruise, and etc. 
Now,the main point is that after when we will get success  Will we continue our journey or will we stop there? (comment your opinion). Success is like being pregnant everyone congratulate you but no one knows how many times you fucked. I know you are not here to read these typical quotes, but in my blog you will get some deeper info which officially written by motivational speaker. 
Now, the main point is if someone told you that you can't do this and you believe that I really can't do then yo…